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GCS offers innovative training solutions, combining military expertise with state-of-the-art scientific concepts and high-tech tools.

We offer the following exemplary services:

  • Transformation of teacher-centered to learner-centered training
  • Integrated training solution gap analysis & design
  • Sourcing, procurement, and development management of hi-tech tools for presential, blended, e-learning and simulation-based training
  • Design, set-up, and operation of training centres including e-learning, computer-based training, simulation, artificial and virtual reality
  • Operation and management of training & learning management systems
  • Simulation & training projects systems engineering
  • Tailored sourcing of digital tools considering industrial participation requirements


GCS is specialized in the development and implementation of industrial participation programs and offers the following exemplary services:

  • Target country industrial landscape analysis
  • Analysis of legal requirements
  • Program development and execution in coordination with governmental, military and industrial stakeholders
  • Set-up and chairing of tailored program steering boards or similar governance procedures


GCS disposes of long-standing experience in business development and of the necessary licenses issued by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce.

We offer the following exemplary services:

  • Market Analysis
  • Business Intelligence
  • Examination of public procurement processes
  • Strategy Development
  • Project Management

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